Wake Up With Amber Stratton

images3Wake Up With Amber Stratton (aka College Humor's hottest girl 2007) (aka Scumbag Stacy)QhMmF9Timages1images2imagesAmber_Stratton_Mishal_Hyder_Tally_Valley_University_of_Delaware_6Amber_Stratton_CampusLOL_Mishal_Hyder_University_of_Delaware_11www.boobs.tk514_230x230_Peel1

Wake up with a blast from when College Humor bordered on a relevant site. Back in 2007 Amber was voted hottest coed. Now she’s known much better as Scumbag Stacy. And if the internet today has anything to say about it she’s just the right amount of slutty for my taste, meaning really fucking slutty.

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