What The Fuck Is The Deal With Amber Rose?

So obviously Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa got married this weekend, an event that is not even remotely blog worthy, but I just want to know if I’m the only who thinks this broad is straight up, certified, ugly. I’m talking a maximum 4. So how the fuck does she date Kanye West for two years and then move on to Wiz Khalifa and somehow marry him? Did they forget that they are rich? Am I the one who’s crazy? I mean look at these pics.



I mean I’m not even sure what I’m looking at here. I can’t understand how this is a debate. Amber Rose is just flat out gross. And before everyone says I just don’t like weird hair or whatever, I would fuck the shit out of Miley and Rihanna regardless of their hair. In fact I like Miley so much now that it borders on stalking. She could easily build a case for a restraining order based on some of my tweets. But I wouldn’t touch Amber with a fucking fifty foot pole. She’s just unattractive head to toe. What do these rappers see in her? She must  be an absolute monster in the bedroom. I mean she’s 5’9″ and has to be at least 170. Sure sure some of that is baby weight or whatever but still, I bet she outweighs Wiz any day of the week. She prolly tosses him around the bedroom and shit, smacking the blunts right out of his mouth while she grunts. Guess he’s just into that or something. I don’t know, my dick goes inside me just by looking at a picture of her.

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