Anthony Weiner’s Sexting Partner Probably Has HIV Now

Sydney Leathers may have been exposed to HIV while filming her porn debut, Gawker reports. Leathers, Anthony Weiner’s former sexting partner, had unprotected sex with actor Xander Corvus for the just-released film “Weiner and Me.” Before “Weiner and Me,” Corvus had unprotected sex with Cameron Bay for a movie called “Public Disgrace,” filmed at the end of July. Bay confirmed to AVN on Wednesday that she tested positive for HIV, causing the porn industry to call for a moratorium on filming immediately. Leathers told Gawker that she and Corvus were both tested before shooting their sex scene, and both tested negative. She also said that a test after filming the scene returned negative for HIV. According to the Centers for Disease Control, however, test results within three months of exposure could be false.

Looks like Weiner finally caught a break with this one. Guy has absolutely been getting massacred for doing something so totally ok that it should be in the constitution. If you are on your phone texting and not sexting you are all sorts of gay. Actually scratch that even gayballs know how to sext. You are just a pussy or something. Whatever, the point is that what goes around comes around. You expose a high profile politician for sending a few dick pics to your skanky ass, you get AIDS. Karma’s a beautiful bitch. Definitely a lot hotter than this freak. Seriously Weiner do better than this…

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