HUFF POST: A semi-naked, disoriented man was found wandering through an icy, remote section of Oklahoma on Tuesday, according to KOTV. Zackery Aders had set off on a 26-mile walk through the frozen landscape to see a woman. But along the way, he got lost, fell through an iced-over pond and survived the freezing temperatures by spending the night in a guitar case, the Weather Channel reported. When strangers found him, he was clad only in boxer shorts because his other clothing was frozen solid, the Muskogee Phoenix reported. He survived despite temperatures dropping to 10 degrees in Muskogee overnight, according to KOTV. 

Poor Zackery Aders, another drunk pussy chase gone wrong. Guy probably just tossed some back with his buddies before he got a line on a chick who was down. Only problem was that he couldn’t drive. No worries though it was only a 26 mile walk in the freezing cold right? I think every dude has reached this point on a drunk night where no obstacle can stand in the way of you and guaranteed sex. Doesn’t matter how much money or pain you have to endure, your dick is getting in something. In fact some of the best stories ever come from a drunken middle of the night pussy chase. Unfortunately for Zack an ice pond got in his way and literally froze all his clothes solid. Still though, I absolutely guarantee that if he had reached this chick he would have stuffed her frozen boxers and all and gone home the next day bragging to his friends that he got laid the night before. That’s the thing about nights like this, if you do manage to accomplish the goal and get some frigid sex, the ends justifies the means and you forget all about your ice marathon.

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