Kobe Bryant

LA TIMES: Bryant was fuming after his last trip to Atlanta, a 96-92 Lakers loss in March. He claimed that Hawks swingman Dahntay Jones deliberately slid his foot under Bryant while Bryant was in the air for an 18-foot fadeaway late in the game. Bryant missed the shot, landed on Jones’ foot and sustained a sprained left ankle that cost him two games. So Bryant got back at Jones on Saturday. Twice. “Unfortunately, I think Dylan’s not there anymore so I’ll have to wait until somebody picks him up,” he said. Yes, he called him Dylan instead of Dahntay and noted accurately that Jones was no longer in the NBA.

Love it. Absolutely love it. Think Kobe can hold a grudge? I mean Dahntay Jones isn’t even in the NBA anymore and Kobe still feels the need to make him feel like the worthless dirty asshole he is. I bet Jones gets a Christmas card from Bryant this year addressed to Dylan Jones saying something along the lines of, “hope all is well in your career and that you continue to have success in the NBA…oh wait, my bad.” Love, Colby Bryant.

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