HUFF POST: After months of rumors, Facebook announced that it will start testing autoplay video ads, the bane of Internet users everywhere, in NewsFeeds this week. In a blog post published Tuesday, Facebook carefully spells out what the new video ads will and, more importantly, won’t do: While sound on the autoplay videos will only play if a person taps or clicks on it, Facebook’s more than 1 billion members won’t be able to opt out of having the ads automatically start playing as they scroll through NewsFeed. On mobile devices, only videos downloaded while a phone or tablet is connected with WiFi will play, meaning that the video ads will not eat into anyone’s data plan. Facebook is characterizing the move as “an initial, limited test” that only “a small number of people will see.” This week, only one video ad will appear: A trailer for the new movie “Divergent.”

So this has been in the works for a while, but it looks like we are finally going to have to watch ads to get on Facebook. Whenever stuff like this happens all of a sudden everybody freaks the fuck out and talks about how unfair and lame it is. Oh you mean it’s really unfair that the site you paid nothing for and connects you seamlessly with literally billions of people around the world might want to earn a little extra money for their employees? Seriously people if Facebook or Twitter started charging 10 bucks a month to use them you know everyone would pay for it. They would complain, but they would pay. We are just a world full of whiners, which facebook is actually partly to blame for since it lets us whine to all 358 of our friends at one time. Kind of ironic actually. Anyway, I’m not even mad honestly, I understand that Zuckerberg has gotta get that jew money. He can’t even help himself, just like El Pres. By the way Pres what the fuck? I had to watch a fucking 15 advertisement on my Barstool App today. Probably gonna go tweet or post about how unfair that is while you horde all your jew gold that you are making off me.

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