LA TIMES: ESPN reported this week that former USC Coach Lane Kiffin was invited by Nick Saban to help evaluate Alabama‘s offense. USC fans would tell Alabama fans to expect a lot of “bubble screens” in the Tide’s Jan. 2 Sugar Bowl game against Oklahoma. The idea of Kiffin being a consultant to a coach who has won four national titles is pretty intriguing. Kiffin was fired by USC on Sept. 29 and eventually replaced by Steve Sarkisian.We’re not sure what’s behind this. Maybe Saban is trying to irritate Tennessee fans, who make it their daily ritual to rip Kiffin for leaving Knoxville for USC after the 2009 season.

There is no way in hell Nick Saban is actually taking advice from this jack off. Arguably the worst coach in the country who keeps getting solid jobs and everyone knows it. I’m guessing this is just Saban being Saban. Probably called up Lane and consoled him on the rough year, told him that every coach has their ups and downs, and then invited him out to ‘Bama to share some advice on the offense. Lord knows Saban loves to shake things up eats the same thing for breakfast and lunch every fucking day. I bet when Lane got there they put him in a film room with Saban and recorded all the advice he gave while all the assistant coaches stood outside the door laughing their asses off. It’s not like it would be hard for Saban not to laugh considering he can’t physically smile. He was just giving his staff a chance to laugh the one time they are allowed to a year. Nice troll job Nick, I’m thankful anytime someone makes Lane’s life more miserable. Fuck you Kiffin I’m glad you are out of here.

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