Kobe Bryant

LA Times: The rash of injuries to Lakers point guards that has afflicted starters, backups and fill-ins alike struck Kobe Bryant on Thursday, the All-Star learning he will miss about six weeks with a broken bone in his left knee. Bryant initially shrugged off the injury he suffered Tuesday in the third quarter against the Memphis Grizzlies as a hyperextended knee, but an MRI exam showed he had broken the lateral tibial plateau. He stayed in the game after conversing with trainer Gary Vitti. Bryant’s injury comes only six games into his comeback from the torn left Achilles’ tendon that had sidelined him since April.

Real question here, is Kobe Bryant done forever? I mean obviously that would be a tragic end to an amazing career, but I have to imagine that if you are at the point where you are breaking bones in your knee without even realizing it that you don’t have very many healthy days left. And at 35 after being in the NBA since he was 18 Kobe’s body is not even remotely capable of healing the way it used to. Don’t get me wrong, I fully believe Kobe will be playing in 6 or 7 weeks, but one more injury like this a few games into his return and I think we may have seen the last of Kobe’s illustrious career. The skill is there, but his body has just flat quit on him after 17 years of embarrassing defenders on a night in and night out basis. Sad day for Kobe, sad day for Los Angeles.