Cameron Diaz Says Girls Shouldn’t Shave Their Bush…Eww

Gross Cameron…just gross. I understand that once you get to 41 and your vagina is ripped to shreds from every actor you’ve ever worked with you might want to consider hiding it with a little bush, but Jesus don’t ruin it for the rest of us by telling girls not to shave or wax. I hate hair on women. I don’t think that makes me creepy or anything I just legitimately don’t want a girl to have hair any place except her head. I know KO Barstool and basically every feminist out there probably thinks that that’s a bunch of chauvinism bullshit, but that’s just how it is. If you’ve got a jungle hairy pussy than I’m not going to fuck you plain and simple (unless you let me). Cam Cam needs to cool her jets here and let me coach girls on the appropriate way to handle your lady parts. Wax everywhere and use lasers if you have the money. End of discussion.

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