Man In A Barbie Costume Sneaking Into Bathroom Stalls

A California man is accused of sexually assaulting a woman while wearing a pink Barbie costume, authorities say. Gregory Schwartz, 40, was arrested Sunday afternoon in conjunction with the alleged assault, which took place Friday afternoon in the bathroom of a San Diego Big Lots store. The victim, who asked not to be identified, said she was using the restroom when the suspect entered her stall dressed in the Barbie costume. “I was looking and I saw two feet slowly planting on the floor and they were a man’s bare feet. He went underneath the stall really quickly and then he came into my stall and the door was still locked. I didn’t even have time to act,” she told KGTV-TV. “He grabbed my neck and he pushed me all the way against the wall and he started squeezing my neck and I start yelling from the top of my lungs and then he covered my mouth.” She noticed the suspect was wearing a Barbie outfit and suspects he stole it from the store. “I don’t know how it fit,” she told KFMB-TV. The victim fought back, and managed to escape. Schwartz ran out soon after with a jacket over his pink Barbie shirt. When a security guard confronted him, Schwartz allegedly threatened him with a screwdriver and ran off, NBC San Diego reported. Schwartz was arrested Sunday afternoon about a mile away from the store, Fox5 San Diego reported.

Lot of Barbie news in the world these days. First we got chicks claiming they are going to live off air and sunlight and now we got dudes dressing up in kids’ barbie outfits wriggling their way under bathroom stalls. One thing did grab my attention though. How fucking fast is this guy at slithering under stalls that the chick “didn’t even have time to act.” No way was this barbie mans’ first rodeo. He had a plan: wear a disguise, move quick and quietly, then get the fuck out. I’m not going to judge him for the fact that the only disguise available was a little pink dress, that’s just working with what you have. Only real fuck up he had was not getting away but hey, they even caught Frank Abignale eventually. I highly doubt this is the last we see of barbie bathroom man.

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